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GRIDPLUS Commands/Modes

Note: If you are new to GRIDPLUS read the grid reference first.

The main GRIDPLUS command has the following format:-

gridplus::gridplus mode ?option value(s) ...? ?layout?

The modes available are:-

addAdd non-Gridplus widget to Group.
buttonCreate Grid of buttons.
checkbuttonCreate Grid of checkbuttons.
clearClear specified window.
entryCreate Grid of entries.
gotoGoto specified label in tagged text display.
gridCreate GRIDPLUS Grid.
layoutCreate GRIDPLUS Layout.
lineCreate line.
linkCreate Grid of links.
menuCreate menubar.
notebookCreate notebook.
radiobuttonCreate Grid of radiobuttons.
setSet GRIDPLUS options.
styleCreate style.
tablelistCreate scrollable tablelist.
textCreate scrollable text.
treeCreate scrollable tree.
windowCreate toplevel window and set window options.

The following GRIDPLUS commands are used to set/unset the values of GRIDPLUS items/widgets:-

gridplus::gpmap itemlist valuelist
gridplus::gpset item value -or- gridplus::gpset {item value ...}
gridplus::gpunset {item ...}

GRIDPLUS Generated Widget/Command Names

Widget Names:


grid_nameName of grid.
widget_idWidget ID without leading dot.

Examples assuming an entry with ID ".firstname" in grid ".person":-

Main/Root Window:.person,firstname
Toplevel Window:.mywindow.person,firstname

Command/Callback Names:


gridName of grid without leading dot.
toplevelName of toplevel window without leading dot.
widget_idWidget ID without leading dot.

Examples assuming a button with ID ".saveperson" in grid ".actions":-

Main/Root Window:actions,saveperson
Toplevel Window:mywindow:actions,saveperson

Copyright © 2005 Adrian Davis.