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(7th October 2006) - Tile based GRIDPLUS2 has been released.


PLEASE NOTE: There are significant backwards compatibility issues

GRIDPLUS2 is based on Tile widgets. Because Tile has a very different method to control the look&feel of widgets it has been necessary to make considerable changes to GRIDPLUS. GRIDPLUS2 is not generally backwards compatible with GRIDPLUS1. While many of the general principals and syntax are carried forward from GRIDPLUS1, existing GRIDPLUS based applications will almost certainly need to be modified to function with GRIDPLUS2.

GRIDPLUS2 has many new and enhanced window layout/desgin options:

One of the main enhancements is the new GRIDPLUS widget Grid. With GRIDPLUS1 it was only possible to create one type of widget in a particular Grid (Buttons, checkbuttons, entries etc.). In order to mix widgets in a Grid it was neccessary to create additional Grids for the other widget types and then "embed" them into a parent Grid. The new widget Grid allows all of the GRIDPLUS widget types to be mixed in the same Grid. Simple two character codes are used to identify the widget type ("&b" for button, "&e" for entry etc.). The widget Grid has a default widget (grid) which can be set to an alternative if required. It is only neccessary to specify the widget type for a cell in a Grid if it is not the default. It is even possible to create a cell as another widget Grid (Using "&w", "&wb", "&wc" etc) to allow a cell/row to have a different column spacing. The original GRDIPLUS1 widget Grid syntax is also supported and is implemented simply as an alternative method to specify the default widget type. Thus all GRIDPLUS widget Grids have the same functionality. Hopefully, the examples on the GRIDPLUS Widget Grid page will make this clearer.


  • The -style option now refers to a Tile style. A new option (-optionset) is similar to the old GRIDPLUS style.
  • The "-size" option for button/entry is now changed to -width for consistency.
  • The -wtitle option should now be used to set the window title. This option is available for both Grids and Layouts.
  • The "-deletewindow" option has been renamed to -windowcommand for consistency.
  • The default value for "-windowcommand" is to gridplus clear and destroy the window.
  • Starkit now includes TABLELIST 4.5 (Previously 3.8).

Bug Fixes

  • The text widget now uses "<<Modified>>" event.

  • When using the 8.5 tclkit date validations for dates prior to 01/01/1970 do not work. I believe this will be fixed by a later tclkit release.

Copyright © 2006 Adrian Davis.