GRIDPLUS2 - Navigating Calendars and Text
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Navigating Calendars and Text

GRIDPLUS provides a command ("gpnav") to navigate GRIDPLUS calendar and text widgets.

Navigating a Calendar

The gpnav command can be used to display a specified calendar moth/year page.


gridplus::gpnav item ?current|month|year? ?increment?
gridplus::gpnav item date
gridplus::gpnav item {month year}


gpnav .mycal month +1

...Will navigate one month forward.

gpnav .mycal year -2

...Will navigate two years backward.

gpnav .mycal current

...Will navigate to current month/year.

gpnav .mycal current +1

...Will navigate to one month forward from current month/year.

gpnav .mycal 12/03/1963

...Will navigate to December 1963. Assuming that -dateformat is "us".

gpnav .mycal {12 1963}

...Will navigate to December 1963.

Navigating Text

The gpnav command can be used to move the display a tag enabled GRIDPLUS text widget to show the part identified by a specified label.


gridplus::gpnav item label


gpnav .mytext section2

Will move the display of a tag enabled GRIDPLUS text widget ".mytext" to put the text after the "section2" label as close to the top of the display as possible.

Copyright © 2009 Adrian Davis.