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ANNOUNCEMENT (27th November 2015): GRIDPLUS2.11 Has Been Released - See README For Details


GRIDPLUS is a "Grid" based GUI builder system which builds on, simplifies and extends the existing grid manager. GRIDPLUS layouts are defined as a hierarchy of grids. Each cell in a grid consists of two elements. These will usually be a text label and some other widget such as an entry. It is also allowed to have just one element in a cell, or a cell which is empty. GRIDPLUS grids can also be stretched to neatly fill the cells in which they are positioned. While the GRIDPLUS grid can be used "native", GRIDPLUS commands exist to create grids of buttons, checkbuttons, date selectors, dropdowns (comboboxes), entries, menubuttons, links, radiobuttons and spinboxes. All places where text can be displayed make use of the Tcl message catalogue facility.

The GRIDPLUS gpset and gpmap make setting the values of the the widgets simple/concise.

The gpdb command provides a GRIDPLUS interface to TDBC based SQL databases.

In fact GRIDPLUS is much more than an alternative to the grid geometry manager, it provides most, if not all, of the facilities required to build complete screens/windows. In many cases, using GRIDPLUS to code an application GUI will be quicker than using a "Visual" screen design tool. Although aimed at producing data entry/update/display form screens for database applications, it can be useful for other tasks.

Here are some examples to give you an idea.

GRIDPLUS also includes the following features:-

  • Scrollable text widget with support for tags.
  • Scrollable tablelist.
  • Scrollable tree.
  • Calendar style date display selector.
  • Notebook widget.
  • Pane widget.
  • Simple drop-down menus.
  • Simple method to specify widget traversal order when using the TAB key to navigate the screen.
  • A group facility to enable/disable groups of widgets and menu options.
  • Facility to include non-GRIDPLUS widgets in groups.
  • Simple pattern/procedure based entry validations.
  • Works with toplevel windows.
  • ...and much, much more!!

Addition information for new users can be found here.


Dr Csaba Nemithi: For the excellent tablelist package.

James H Wright: For suggesting the idea which lead to the container command/mode and submitting a fix for the notebook/toplevel problem.

Mark James: For the FamFamFam icons.

System Requirements

Tcl/Tk Version 8.6.0 or greater.
ICONSFor GRIDPLUS icon/image support (Optional).
TablelistFor GRIDPLUS tablelist support (Optional).


GRIDPLUS Download File Contents:

LICENSE.gridplusGRIDPLUS package license/copyright terms.
gridplus.tclGRIDPLUS package script.
pkgIndex.tclGRIDPLUS package index script.

To Install the GRIDPLUS Package (ZIP):

Using The GRIDPLUS StarKit

In addition to the GRIDPLUS package detailed in the installation, the download page also has an option to download a StarKit containing all of the necessary packages to run the GRIDPLUS examples.

Note: The GRIDPLUS2.11 requires the 8.6.0 (or later) TclKit.

The StarKit is also a useful simply as a tool to try out the GRIDPLUS system.


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Copyright © 2015 Adrian Davis.