ANNOUNCEMENT (18th October 2003):


SATSHELL is the easy way to create Linux/Unix shell scripts with GUI interfaces.

SATSHELL GUI screens are described using the simple SAT Display Language (SAT/DL). The interface between SATSHELL and shell scripts is very simple as it uses the normal Linux/Unix Standard Input/Output mechinism.

The current release of SAT/DL includes the following features:-

See the Examples to see just how simple SATSHELL scripts can be.

Please feel free to Contact me if you have any comments, suggestions or bug reports.

Release Status

SATSHELL is currently at release 1.00.00

System Requirements

SATSHELL is available either as source code -or- a Linux executable.

Linux Executable
The executable has been tested under Linux Red Hat 7.1 only. TCL does not need to be installed when using the Linux executable.

The SATSHELL source code requires TCL 8.3 or greater. The source code has been tested under Linux, Solaris and AIX.

NOTE: TCL information and download can be found at Tcl Developer Xchange.


SATSHELL and SATDLTOOL (Interactive development tool) are now released as a single executable/script (SATUNI - "SAT Unified"). Making a copy of the SATUNI executable/script to a name begining with "satshell" will create SATSHELL. Likewise making a copy to a name begining "satdltool" will create SATDLTOOL.


Any of the following will behave as SATSHELL: "satshell", "satshell.tcl", "satshell.latest", "satshell-1.00.00"

Note: SATUNI also provides SATGUI/SATGUITOOL functionality.

The directory location of the SATUNI (satuni|satuni.exe|satuni.tcl) is not important, but it is suggested that it be placed in /usr/local/bin (Unix).

To extract the Unix "tar" files

If the source code version is to be used under Unix, the first line of satuni.tcl...


...may need to be changed to reflect the location of the wish (TCL/TK) interpreter on your system.

Make two copies of of this file, in the chosen directory location, one with a name begining "satshell" (This will be SATSHELL) and the other begining "satdltool" (This will be the interactive development tool).

To cut down on typing, satshell.tcl should be renamed to satshell.

Release History

1.00.0010/2003 Handles multiple (child) windows.
New addText command.
New gotoLabel command.
New hide command.
New newWindow command.
New placeItem command.
New placeWindow command.
New updateItem command.
New toolbar options.
Group functionality added to most display items.
Borders can now be used as item containers.
Hidden column facility for addMultiList.
Translation now works with addLabel text.
More control over colour options.
Addtional internal variables.
Grids can now contain check/radiobuttons and support titled border.
Large selection of colour icons for buttons and toolbar.
Many other minor enhancements.
Alpha309/2002 New scrollable/editable text item (addText).
File select/save dialogs.
Alpha205/2002 Fixes bugs in "Pick List".
Alpha104/2002 First public release.

Known Bugs

ReleaseBugFixed in
Alpha2 Fix problem handling entry field data containing single/double quotes. Alpha3
Alpha1 Bugs in "Pick List". Does not always withdraw properly. Alpha2

Copyright © 2003 Adrian Davis.