SATGUI Administration GUI - (SATADMIN)

The SATGUI Administration GUI (SATADMIN) provides a facility to Administer/Monitor/Control a SATGUI Server with an easy to use GUI interface.

The SATADMIN GUI is generated using SAT/DL, and therefore uses a standard SATGUI client. All that is required to "activate" the SATADMIN facility is to setup a user called "satadmin". Commands for the user "satadmin" are handled internally by the server and do not have associated screen/process files.

NOTE: Please make sure you are familiar with configuring Users and Profiles before using SATADMIN.

Setting up SATADMIN

In order to setup SATADMIN all that is required is to create a user called "satadmin".

SATADMIN Toolbar Options

All SATADMIN toolbar options make use of the "balloon help" facility.

Refresh screen. Updates screen to reflect current situation. Clears entry fields.
Display Connections Screen.
Display Users Screen.
Display Profiles Screen.
Display Activity Summary Screen.
Stop Server (Activity Summary), Kill Connection (Connections).
Save User/Profile.
Delete User/Profile.

Display Server Activity Summary

After logging in as "satadmin" the following screen is displayed:

This screen shows:

NOTE: Number of actions/bytes transferred for SATADMIN Clients is not recorded.

Stop Server

The SATGUI Server may be stopped in one of two modes:

LogoutServer stops when all outstanding actions have been completed (Default).
KillServer stops immediately.

To stop the SATGUI Server:

Monitor/Kill Connections

This screen shows (For each currently connected User):

NOTE: Number of actions/bytes transferred for SATADMIN Clients is not recorded.

To kill a Connection:

Display/Add/Change/Delete Users

This screen shows (For all Users configured):

To add a new User:

To change a Users details: To Delete a User:
Display/Add/Change/Delete Profiles

This screen shows (For all Profiles configured):

To add a new Profile: To change a Profiles details: To Delete a Profile:

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