SAT/DL Icons

Colour Icons

SATGUI/SATSHELL can now make use of the ICONS package (See

When using the source code versions of SATSHELL/SATGUI it is neccessary to install the ICONS package as described in the ICONS installation instructions -except- the icon library file (tkIcons) must be placed in the same directory as the SATGUI/SATSHELL script.

When using the executable versions SATGUI/SATSHELL the ICONS package is already built in. In this case it is not neccessary to install the ICONS package; However the required icon library file (tkIcons) must be placed in the directory containing the SATGUI/SATSHELL executable.

Icons Contained in "Standard" Icon Libraries:

The icons shown here are in the KDE style. Other styles are available (See below) which allow the icon "theme" to be changed simply by using a different icon library. The icon library must be placed in the same directory as the SATGUI/SATSHELL script/executable and must be named tkIcons.

actattach16 actbookmark16 actboomarknew16 actcheck16 actcross16 actexit16 acthelp16 actitemadd16 actitemdelete16 actlock16 actredo16 actreload16 actrun16 actstop16 actundo16 actunlock16 appbook16 appbookopen16 appboxes16 appbox16 appbrowser16 appcalc16 appclock16 appdate16 apppencil16 appsheet16 apptool16 apptools16 appuser16 appusers16 appwp16 cal1day16 cal5days16 cal7days16 calappointment16 calbell16 callist16 calmonth16 caltoday16 caltodo16 connecting16 connectno16 connectyes16 devcdmount16 devcdunmount16 devdiskmount16 devdiskunmount16 devfloppymount16 devfloppyunmount16 devnetwork16 devpc16 devscanner16 devscreen16 devspeaker16 editcopy16 editcut16 editdelete16 edit16 editpaste16 editshred16 edittrash16 fileclose16 filedocument16 filefind16 filenew16 fileopen16 fileprint16 filesave16 folder16 folderhtml16 folderlocked16 foldernew16 folderopen16 mailforward16 mailget16 mail16 mailreplyall16 mailreply16 mailsend16 nav1downarrow16 nav1leftarrow16 nav1rightarrow16 nav1uparrow16 nav2downarrow16 nav2leftarrow16 nav2rightarrow16 nav2uparrow16 navback16 navdown16 navforward16 navhome16 navup16 playeject16 playend16 playpause16 playstart16 playstop16 textblock16 textbold16 textbottom16 textcenter16 textitalic16 textleft16 textmiddle16 textmove16 textright16 textsortdec16 textsortinc16 text16 texttop16 textunder16 viewchoose16 viewdetailed16 viewicon16 viewmag-16 viewmag16 viewmag+16 viewmulticolumn16 viewtext16 viewtree16 actattach22 actbookmark22 actbookmarknew22 actexit22 acthelp22 actlock22 actredo22 actreload22 actrun22 actstop22 actundo22 actunlock22 appbook22 appbookopen22 apppencil22 apptool22 connecting22 connectno22 connectyes22 devscreen22 editcopy22 editcut22 editdelete22 edit22 editpaste22 editshred22 edittrash22 fileclose22 filefind22 filenew22 fileopen22 fileprint22 filesave22 foldernew22 mailforward22 mailget22 mail22 mailreplyall22 mailreply22 mailsend22 nav1downarrow22 nav1leftarrow22 nav1rightarrow22 nav1uparrow22 nav2downarrow22 nav2leftarrow22 nav2rightarrow22 nav2uparrow22 navback22 navdown22 navforward22 navhome22 navup22 playeject22 playend22 playpause22 playstart22 playstop22 textblock22 textbold22 textcenter22 textitalic22 textleft22 textright22 text22 textunder22 viewchoose22 viewdetailed22 viewicon22 viewmag-22 viewmag22 viewmag+22 viewmulicolumn22 viewtext22 viewtree22 NONE NONE NONE NONE NONE

Place mouse pointer over icon to display the icon name.

Available Icon Libraries:

The following icon libraries are available and can be downloaded from The icon library must be placed in the same directory as the SATGUI/SATSHELL script/executable and must be named tkIcons.

The icon samples below were all created using the following icons from the standard libraries:-

Crystal: by Everaldo

iKons: by Kristof Borrey

KDE: by The KDE Artists/Developers

Klassic: by Asif Ali Rizwaan

Slick: by Rob Cosgrove

Bitmap Icons

The bitmap icons are built into to the SATSGUI/SATSHELL script/executable and do not require an external icon library.

IconsIcon Names
first, previous, next, last
left, right, up, down
back, forward, home, reload
tick, cross, info, query
folder, open, disk, trash
find, zoom, print, pen
computer, network, person, lock
list, page, insert, connect
sum, stop

Copyright © 2003 Adrian Davis.